53 DURAWALL® Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall

557 DURAWALL® Premium Fiberglass Bathtub Wall, Adhesive MountThe 53 DURAWALL® thermoplastic bathtub wall system from E.L. Mustee & Sons, Inc. brings together the company's best in exceptional design, outstanding features and the highest quality in molded thermoplastic bathtub walls.

You can count on the 53 DURAWALL® to make a statement of elegance and quality in any bathtub alcove.

Design Features:

Compatible products available for DURAWALL® bathtub walls follow the specifications below.







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Fits Alcove


53WHT White 30" x 60" 6 71031 00428 4
53BN Bone 30" x 60" 6 71031 00429 1
53 DURAWALL® Deluxe Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall, Adhesive Mount

General: Furnish and install as shown on plans, DURAWALL® Bathtub Wall model 53, as manufactured by E.L. Mustee & Sons, Inc. The hi-impact thermoplastic wall system shall be 5-piece construction with four formed shelves. One-piece, seamless corner panels with overlapping edges. Uniform color throughout entire thickness of each panel. Color _______ (White, Bone).

Requires three to five or more 11 oz. cartridges of panel adhesive labeled for bonding to Bathtub and Shower walls.

Don't use adhesive containing tar, asphalt, lacquer thinner or toluene.


TOPAZ™ Premium Fiberglass Bathtubs, 30"x 60"
TOPAZ Premium Fiberglass Bathtubs, 30"x 60"

Elegance, classic design, quality craftsmanship, deep colorfast finish…everything you're looking for in a premium soaking bathtub can be summed up in one word…TOPAZ. These high quality bathtubs fit all Mustee bathtub wall systems and 30" x 60" standard bathtub walls.

Model No. Description Drain Location UPC

T6030R White RH 6 71031 00413 0
T6030RBN Bone RH 6 71031 00414 7
T6030RBT Biscuit RH 6 71031 00432 1
T6030L White LH 6 71031 00411 6
T6030LBN Bone LH 6 71031 00414 7
T6030LBT Biscuit LH 6 71031 00432 1
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30.600W/30.600BN DURATRIM® Fiberglass Window Trim Kits
52.600W DURATRIM® Thermoplastic Window Trim Kits

Should there be an existing window or plans for one where you want to install a new Mustee bathtub wall, our thermoplastic window trim kit will create a beautiful finish to any window installation.

Model No. Description UPC

52.600W White 6 71031 00185 6
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CareGiver® Safety Grab Bars—1-1/2" Dia. Straight

A wide range of 304 stainless steel grab bars in all popular styles, lengths and sizes are available to provide support and stability.

1-1/2" Dia. Straight—Safety Grab Bars
Model No. Size   UPC

390.305 18"   6 71031 00452 9
390.301 24"   6 71031 00359 1
390.306 36"   6 71031 00434 5
390.307 42"   6 71031 00435 2
390.302 48"   6 71031 00360 7
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